A two-time Philadelphia Folk Festival performer (2015 & 2016), Katherine Rondeau's musical path builds on a broad range of traditional and modern folk influences – from Odetta to Lucinda Williams.  

How to describe Katherine's music? Rootsy folk? Soulful Americana? Katherine's rich, soulful voice is unmistakable - full of passion and strength.  Her story songs take on a myriad of themes, from love lost and love preserved to robust political anthems.  As both a headliner and performer sharing the stage with others like Garnet Rogers, Tracy Grammer, Mustard’s Retreat, and Lizanne Knott, Katherine’s shows lead listeners through a gamut of experiences and emotions. 

New Hope Chateau, Katherine's first full-length CD, was released in October 2016.  Produced by two-time Grammy-award winner Glenn Barratt at MorningStar Studios, Katherine's vocals and rhythm guitar are complemented  by well-known musicians including Ross Bellenoit, Tom Hampton, Cheryl Prashker, and Gary Oleyar.  Featured on radio stations worldwide, New Hope Chateau earned spots on all three Folk DJ radio charts in October including a #9 song (Long Ago, Far Away), and earned the #23 album and #30 artist spots.

Whether she’s expressing the regret of love revisited in “Again,” invoking a mournful Appalachian ballad in “Broken Bird,” or rousing the crowd with a new-school folkie protest song like “Raise Up Your Hand,” Katherine’s shows linger on audiences’ minds long after the stage lights have dimmed.  The Princeton Folk Song Society may have said it best: “Don't miss Katherine Rondeau's silky voice and beautiful playing. Be warned: she will mesmerize you!”
Katherine delivered the in-your-face power of the rousing anthem and the exquisite pain of the love lost ballad with equal assuredness, masterful technique, and an emotional sincerity that connected each of us directly to her heart.  A must see!  Mark Schaffer, Programming Chairman for the Folk Project Acoustic Getaway