Big Shot Shift – A novel by Katherine Rondeau                                   All rights reserved

Meet Michele Gannon. Shelly. Seashell. This thirty-something journalist grew up behind the scenes at the Ocean Palace, Atlantic City's first casino. Her dad Big John moved the whole family from Vegas in 1978 to get it up and running. For a long time the glittering tower was a jewel casting its light on a broken city. But now, 23 years later, the Palace is about to come down and Michele is about to make a discovery that raises questions that will take all of her skills, and Lady Luck, to answer. 

“Joe, I was there at the beginning. My blood is in that casino. Literally. I got nicked by a martini glass that time Charlie Angelo lost $100k at the big wheel and chucked it at me! Hell, I lost my virginity in the honeymoon suite. I need to be there when it blows up!” Michele could feel the flush crawling up her chest as she got more and more frustrated. Just what Joe was waiting for. 

He pounced. “You can’t even keep it together just talking about it with me here. How the hell do you think you’ll keep it together when you’re up there with the politicos and the cops and the pastors? Forget it. Case closed.”


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